Electronic Cigarettes and Their Popularity


The electronic cigarettes can be reused as they are operated with battery. Battery is rechargeable. The electronic cigarettes are provided with suitable chargers that make the recharge of battery at your convenience. So they become cheap as compared to regular tobacco cigarettes.

The usage of electronic cigarettes is simple to the users of it as they are manufactured with this aim to give comfort and effortless use of the same.

The electronic cigarettes are available freely without any restriction of age proof. They are available even online.

 The method of working of electronic cigarettes

  • Electronic cigarettes are operated on powerful battery that produces a vapor containing nicotine.
  • It does not contain tobacco, tar or smoke.
  • On the ground of these facts that they do not contain tar, smoke and tobacco, they claim the electronic cigarettes are the alternative for real tobacco cigarettes.

Anyhow, they contain certainly chemicals like nicotine. The consumer reports say that electronic cigarettes could be a last resort to those want to quit smoking, tried and failed in their earlier efforts through other means.

 No age restrictions for purchase of electronic cigarettes

  • The electronic cigarettes are not manufactured for the use of children.
  • But, there are a number of instances that children are using electronic cigarettes freely wherever they want.
  • As they are available in stores without any age restriction, children easily purchase them.
  • They are cheap in prices and hence it is the first choice of children.

Electronic cigarettes are becoming cheaper

The sale of electronic cigarettes is of a large that shows increase from time to time. As the sales goes up, the manufacturers try to improve the sales further by offering price cuts and discounts on electronic cigarettes.

There are seasonal special offers also at reduced rates. In this way, the electronic cigarettes are becoming cheaper. This attracts large people to buy it and use it. This vicious circle repeats on and on making more people use the electronic cigarettes.

Easy and comfortable to use

Electronic cigarettes are designed to put it to use without a match or lighter. This system makes the usage of the same simpler. This is yet another attraction for people towards electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are offered in a range of prices that suits and attracts everybody. The prices depend upon the models, types and styles. It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Electronic Cigarettes in The Point of View of Health

At the beginning, smoking starts like a fun as people feel it as an adventure. Afterwards, it becomes a routine. It grows into unavoidable habit. When smoking put them into lot of health problems, they want to stop it and search for some alternative to smoking.

Alternative to tobacco cigarette

Many people including children inclined in the use of electronic cigarette as an alternative to regular tobacco cigarettes. There are few reasons for this:

  • As electronic cigarette is cheaper in prices than that of cigarette, there is a fast increase in the number of people opting for electronic cigarettes instead of cigarettes.
  • The shape of electronic cigarette is similar to a cigarette.
  • The sucking and finger feeling of electronic cigarette is identical to a regular one.
  • The inhaling and exhaling actions found in electronic cigarette are the real attractions for many people towards the same.

Great concern to the health care advisers

The statistics reveal that the number of people using electronic cigarette is growing rapidly every year. It is a matter of great concern to health care advisers.

A large number of people die due to smoking related illnesses. Therefore, many nations are trying to stop the people from their smoking habit.

There are no state regulations or restrictions on the sale and use of electronic cigarettes in many U.S. states.

In 2009, The US Food and Drug Administration detected traces of carcinogenic chemicals like nitrosamines and diethylene glycol in electronic cigarette. Diethylene glycol is a chemical largely used in antifreeze. Whereas, in 2011, in the review of the above data, two researchers found that the content of the chemical in electronic cigarette is only a little fraction compared to regular cigarettes.

Strong arguments for and against

There is a strong argument that the electronic cigarette is effective alternative for regular cigarettes in adults for their smoking cessation as against it is not so in the case of teenagers.

The health care people advise that electronic cigarette is not as safe as they claim it to be.

The users of electronic cigarette find that there is no tar, harmful chemicals and smoke as it is in regular cigarettes. The electronic cigarette delivers only a vapor of the e-liquid.

Nicotine is a strong addictive substance and as such, the cessation of the habit of smoking is not that much an easy thing.